Life is HOT is based on the simple idea that everything we do should be Honest, Open  and True.

Meet our contributors who provide fresh points of view.  If’ you’d like to become a contributor, there’s more information following the bios.


Jennifer Alhasa

Jwhite woman with glasses, short hairennifer is a speaker, cancer coach and Stage 3 cancer survivor who combines natural gifts, practical spirituality and life experience to inspire clients to claim a conscious and joyous life. As you can imagine, helping others with their illness demands tremendous energy and dedicated self-care. She invites you to read more at Jennifer Alhasa.com and follow her on Twitter @JenniferAlhasa.

D. A. Graham

PhD,  M.Div.,  MHR,  CO-OP SM

DDr. D. A. Grahamr. Graham is Founder and Principal Consultant of DNA Consulting, LLC in Trenton, NJ. He has served as a University Ombudsman for Princeton University and San Diego State University. As the founding principal partner of DNA Consulting LLC., D. A.  is committed to helping all people succeed in not only business but in life. D. A. personally consults, mentors, and coaches leaders in both the private and public sectors. He is a Professional Trainer, Professor of Communications and a Conflict Coach. He speaks regularly at conferences and seminars and conducts workshops around the country and the world. Follow D. A. on Twitter @daspokesman, and learn more about his life’s work on his website.

Martina McGowan

Martina McGowanMartina G. McGowan, M.D., is a physician and coach. She is also mother, grandmother, minister, blogger, speaker, and writer. She has been teaching, mentoring, supporting and coaching people for over 30 years to transform their lives  physically, emotionally and spiritually. She writes about these subjects and tells her story on her blog. You can also follow her on Twitter @MartinaMcGowan.

Greg Richardson

Greg is a spiritual mentor, and leadership and organizational coach living in Pasadena, California. He has served as a criminal prosecutor, an executive, and a university professor. You can read more about him on StrategicMonk.com and follow him on Twitter @StrategicMonk.


We’d love to feature your Life is HOT story here on the Life is HOT Blog. Tell us how you handled a situation that required you to be HOT, or how you felt when someone else either embraced these beliefs or failed to embrace them with you. It can be a story from any part of your life.

Posts can be of any length necessary to tell your story. We prefer that you include a photo or graphic that in some way represents one of your main points or your theme. Your post should be original work only that has not already appeared elsewhere.

Let us know you’re interested in being a contributing writer in the contact form below. So that readers may get to know you, each contributor is expected to also provide a short bio, profile photo, and whatever social media coordinates such as your blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest you normally use as a writer or blogger.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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