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Making Room for What Matters to You Most

I’ve always said that what matters to you is what is most important when it comes to making decisions about your life. Sometimes life brings you a tremendous opportunity and your priorities have to change if you’re going to take advantage of it. That’s


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the situation I find myself in, and regrettably I’ve had to come to the truth that I need to make room in my life to take advantage of it. Truth is best delivered straight and so, here it is: this is my last blog post for the Life Is HOT blog. It has not been an easy decision. I know, you didn’t see this coming. Neither did I. In fact, I spent last quarter working on plans to relaunch this blog. Life is like that sometimes. Boom. Continue reading

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You Don’t have to Face the Holidays Alone

Are you preparing to go it alone for the holidays? Hanukkah. Solstice. Christmas. Kwanzaa. New Year’s. If you are without family or if you are away from your family, you don’t have to face the holidays alone.

Face the Holidays Alone, grapevine buck, Brad W. Smith, photographer

Rather than be alone, invest in your relationships with friends, and let others invest in their relationship with you. Continue reading

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You Have the Freedom to Stop Trying When a Relationship is not Working  

I often write about how to improve your relationships with others or with yourself, usually by pointing out when a relationship is not working. You have the

stop trying when a relationship is not working, Life is HOT Blog, Brad W. Smith

freedom to stop trying when a relationship is not working. I think that it’s hard to know when to let go of something you can’t have. We’re not quitters. We’re wired to think that we can succeed at anything if we try hard enough. Continue reading


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