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8 Signs it is Time to Change Your Life

You’re no doubt familiar with the cautionary tale about putting a frog in a pot of cold water and allowing it to slowly heat, so that the frog never realizes the water is too hot.

8-inch hourglass, white sand descending, on oak table

Sometimes you modify your attitude and actions in increments that are so small, you hardly notice them individually, yet over time, those changes take you far away from your true self.

Until at last, the water boils and the frog is dead.

Have you ever been that frog sitting in warm water, watching the days of your life pass by, unaware that you are about to be boiled alive? Continue reading

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Hey You! I’m Talking to You

Somewhere, deep inside you, is a part of you yearning for a piece of your own attention.


White woman, straw hat, rolled up jeans, wading at the edge of the ocean, sunny day, blue sky

Quiet time alone by yourself restores your soul and feeds your spirit in a way that being engaged with others in an activity cannot.


On Monday I wrote about how maintaining a strong sense of self requires time alone and how an intimate connection with yourself deserves the same urgent attention that you give to the needs of everyone else.

Yes, we are meant to be with others. We are also meant to be alone with ourselves. Continue reading

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Why I Need Me Time and You Do Too

Most of us struggle with finding the right balance in our lives between the demands of our work, the needs of our families, and our own needs.

square plate with vegetables, round bowl on plate with pie, piped mashed potatoes, wine glass, placemat, silverware

When we feed our own souls by caring for ourselves, we’re in better shape to care for others and feed their souls.

If we’re not careful, we find ourselves giving to others to the point we have nothing left for ourselves.

Caring for others feeds their souls much the same way food nourishes the body. Just as cooking for others does not put food in our own bellies, we do not nourish ourselves simply by taking care of everyone else.

Continue reading

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