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Hey You! I’m Talking to You

Somewhere, deep inside you, is a part of you yearning for a piece of your own attention.


White woman, straw hat, rolled up jeans, wading at the edge of the ocean, sunny day, blue sky

Quiet time alone by yourself restores your soul and feeds your spirit in a way that being engaged with others in an activity cannot.


On Monday I wrote about how maintaining a strong sense of self requires time alone and how an intimate connection with yourself deserves the same urgent attention that you give to the needs of everyone else.

Yes, we are meant to be with others. We are also meant to be alone with ourselves. Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Need Love

It is just a myth that you need love.

You don’t need love because love is not a thing to get for yourself. Love is an action that you express to others by giving them the gift of the authentic you.

You Don't Need Love, Brad W. Smith photographer, Lifeishotblog, Bright orange orb, blue sky, large clouds, waves hitting rocks and beach

Let your love shine through your actions and your words.

What you need is to give love.

When you engage in a real relationship with others by sharing the real you, you’re giving love.

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16 Reasons to be Open-Minded

A few weeks ago for the first time in my life I ate steamed artichoke leaves. To me, the idea of putting thistle leaves in my mouth

yellow sky above the ocean, dark clouds overhead, Morro Bay rock left

When you keep your mind open to recognizing opportunities, the world opens up many new possibilities for you.

sounded awful and I had always managed to successfully avoid the experience. But since I was an overnight guest in the seaside home of friends, I gamely gave it a try.

What a pleasant surprise. I am totally hooked and look forward to having them again. Yes, Dr. Seuss wrote about a similar food experience in his book Green Eggs and Ham.  Yes, to borrow a phrase, “Thank you. Thank you, Sam-I-am.” Continue reading

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