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Have You Watched Enough Sunsets?

When the sun comes up tomorrow, will you be here to see it? I ask, because statistically, 822 people who get up this morning, without a single thought about

Have you watched enough sunsets? Brad W. Smith photographer, sunset across the Pacific Ocean,

Have you watched enough sunsets? When your life starts to flash before your eyes, what precious moments will you see?

the length of their lives, will not get up tomorrow. Tuesday was that morning for a friend of mine. Like my friend across the country, they won’t see the end coming. It’s an ugly truth: you can’t count on enjoying your life later. So, ask yourself a few questions today: Have I smelled enough roses? Watched enough sunsets? Or am I too busy?

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Bill Cosby: It’s Complicated

We heard a lesson loud and clear from cultural icon Bill Cosby when he revealed to the world that we should, ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’ I wrote about

Bill Cosby: It’s Complicated Wolf in Sheep's Clothing "Editorial Licensed Material" Permitted - Getty Images

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Bill Cosby’s admonitions to Blacks in December, 2013 to take responsibility for their lives, their children and their communities. Now that his double standard is public, I feel compelled to write about his unveiling. But not in the way you might think.

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If You Don’t Put Yourself First, Who Will?

Do you want to have stronger relationships with others? You might think that having strong relationships with others means to do things for them and to take care of

dandelion head post bloom airy and partially blown away

When you spend all of your energy and time on others, you deplete your inner resources, leaving nothing for yourself. Put yourself first so that you can enjoy your life and establish connections to others built on authentic relating.

them. It’s a paradox because the truth is, to have strong relationships with others means that you must first have a strong relationship with yourself. To have that strong relationship with yourself, you must do things for yourself. You must put yourself first.

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