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Why I Need Me Time and You Do Too

Most of us struggle with finding the right balance in our lives between the demands of our work, the needs of our families, and our own needs.

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When we feed our own souls by caring for ourselves, we’re in better shape to care for others and feed their souls.

If we’re not careful, we find ourselves giving to others to the point we have nothing left for ourselves.

Caring for others feeds their souls much the same way food nourishes the body. Just as cooking for others does not put food in our own bellies, we do not nourish ourselves simply by taking care of everyone else.

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Avoid These Six Apology Errors

Since we are human, it is inevitable that we will make mistakes. When we do, we need to know how to make amends. One of the steps is to make an effective apology,

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Whether we intend them or not, our actions can have consequences that cause damage. It’s not always easy to make things right, but it is our obligation to accept and acknowledge our responsibility, and to apologize.

one where our only agenda is to heal the damage to the relationship as a result of our words or actions. Research has shown that genuine apologies help us reconnect with those we’ve wronged by letting them know we’re aware that what we’ve done affects them. Yet, so many of us manage to sabotage our own efforts in one or more of these six ways.


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No Regret for Time Well-Spent

A few weeks ago a far-away friend reminded me of the importance of keeping in touch with those who mean the most to us but whose paths no longer naturally cross ours.

Woman laying on the floor, using a magnifying glass to better see a man on the laptop screen.

Using Skype, a phone call can become a face-to-face visit where we better experience our precious time together.

She was speaking from her heart after having just learned that a dear friend, a near-family member, had died a few days earlier. She went on to describe the details that were most important to her about who he was and how he had made her feel. She recalled her precious memories of him and how she planned to spend time that evening listening to his favorite music. She also spoke of her regret.

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