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How to Use the Power of Your Words

People often forget their words have power. Your words are powerful in what you say and in how you make others feel. The right words help you connect

10 powerful phrases to use dailywith others, and, they make a positive difference in your relationships. The right words bring joy, awe, gratitude, acceptance, or happiness.

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Can You Do This One Thing For Me?

Can you help me? How many times have we made that request or responded to a request like that? We all need others to do things for us from time to time. Most of the

Can you do this one thing for me, LifeIsHOTBlog, the word manipulation with graphical treatmenttime these requests are benign in that there’s no motive other than the need for assistance in some small way. Lend me a few bucks for lunch. Hand me the hammer. Pour me a cup of coffee.

And then there are the other requests. The ones that come with a strong emotional appeal, a request for immediate action, and sometimes only vague reasons for complying. No, I’m not talking about supporting your local National Public Radio station. I’m talking about some of the form-letter, chain-mail style requests that get posted on Facebook.  Continue reading


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