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When Was the Last Time You Goofed Off?

When was the last time you goofed off and did absolutely nothing except watch the world go by? For hours. Or spent the afternoon drowning worms? Or

When Was the Last Time You Goofed Off? Fishing Brad W. Smith photographer, commitment, Be true to you.


even just read a book for the pure joy of getting lost in a story? If you’re like most adult Americans, the answer is

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Fun, Fun, Fun

We’re busy getting ready for Halloween here at our house, the most joyous holiday of the year for Brad. His inner child will have the kind of fun over the next

young black woman and young white man dancing outside in renaissance-period clothing.

Dressing up to play a part is a perfect way to escape your adult routine and have a little fun. Let this Halloween weekend be a time of joy for you and your inner child.

two days that makes most adults envious and scares the dickens out the pint-sized.

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Five Minute Friday: Present

This week we gave a wonderful present to our little ones. It is a custom-made sandbox with fort, tire swing, two ropes for climbing and a climbing wall. Brad and a friend started on it Monday morning. After we all watched the delivery truck unload the materials, I gave the kids a book, “Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site,” that I had wrapped in gift paper decorated with construction equipment. Before lunch I’d read the book to them, twice.

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