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Why You Should Share Your Failures

When you share your failures you offer others an unobstructed view of your inner strength. Not only is strength more powerful than perfection, strength

Why You Should Share Your Failures, LifeisHOTBlog

comes from the choices you make. Perfection comes at the expense of refusing to take risks. Continue reading

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How to Feel Connected to Others

Ever feel like you are just not connected to others? It’s something I experience when I’m too busy doing things to have time to spend with others, or even time

Feel Connected to Others, Brad W. Smith photographer, Life is HOT Blog, Express Yourself

Connectedness doesn’t require long walks in the woods or quiet time together. Connectedness comes in the gaps of your daily life and begins when you make the commitment to be open with others.

with myself. Last week was one of those weeks. I was at a conference for six days, often rising by 4:15 and not completing my responsibilities until late in the evening. The days were packed with a rapid succession of specific duties that needed to be done at specific times and places and in specific ways. Those activities, plus an assortment of unexpected complications, some last-minute requests and a few schedule changes, kept me crazy-busy. Continue reading

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12 Tips to Stop Stupid Arguments

Nobody likes a stupid argument. A stupid argument, in case you’re wondering, is one where neither of you keep to the topic that you both need or want to

12 Tips to Stop Stupid Arguments Brad W. Smith photographer, LifeIsHOTBlog

Time-outs aren’t just for the kids. Give yourself a break when a conversation starts to turn toxic.

discuss and instead rush headlong into the land of name-calling, shouting, talking over each other and other things that prevent what could be a useful conversation that gives you each what you need and makes your relationship stronger.

If you’ve been reading some of my recent posts on Verbal Graffiti, you know that I’ve been talking about the various ways we prevent direct and useful conversation. Today’s post is about how to handle Verbal Graffiti so that it doesn’t cover up the conversation you really mean to have
and want to have.  Continue reading

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