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The Myth of Integrity

Common wisdom says that we can destroy our integrity in an instant. Common wisdom is wrong.

yellowed smooth pillars, each on a red brick foundation, crumbled brick, remains of a house

Our lives are built on integrity. Instant gratification and expediency wear it away and in time, can cause our lives to crumble.

That instant of destruction people refer to is not the moment we lose our integrity, rather it is the moment when the truth is discovered that we do not have integrity. It is at that moment of truth that the façade of who we are implodes and falls to the ground in a heap of rubble.

The truth is that every time we choose to lie about what we are doing, where we have been, or what we profess to be, we are destroying a bit of our integrity. It is only a matter of time before the truth is discovered and the carefully constructed façade is destroyed. Continue reading

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