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The Gift Every Mother Can Give Her Children

Love comes in many forms and can be expressed through many kinds of gifts. One gift every mother can give her children is to teach them about setting

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The best Mother’s Day gift you can get is children who have learned how to embrace their self-worth.

and maintaining their personal boundaries. As a mother, you may have primary responsibility for nurturing your children’s self-esteem, preparing them to capably meet life’s challenges, and for helping them understand they deserve to feel good about themselves.

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Five Minute Friday: Comfort

Comfort comes in many shapes and sizes, colors and dispositions, interests and abilities.

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Happy Mother’s Day.

Comfort means Mama.

Comfort helps us master life at every stage, from potty-training and tying shoelaces, to making friends and doing homework, through awkward growth spurts and leaving home.  She can whip up a meal in a hurry, even if it’s take-out, and she doesn’t mind setting an extra place at the table for a friend. She knows just by looking at us when we’ve had a bad day or we’re coming down with a cold. Continue reading

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