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You Have Been Paying Attention

Whether you know it or not, you have been paying attention to those negative beliefs you’ve been telling yourself. You know you have been paying attention to

small battery, showing positive and negative signs at either end

You are a complete self, containing both positive and negative thoughts and actions.

your negative self talk because you feel rotten about parts of yourself. Even if you also tell yourself those beliefs are not true, there’s a part of you that can’t let go of those negative beliefs.

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Love Messages Lost

In watching others mourn the death of a loved one, I have observed that one of the things they have lost with the death of their loved one is the sensation of being loved and the messages of love that person regularly sent them.

2 men working together to fill 6 bottles of wine from the barrel

Whether we’re working or just goofing off, spending the time together with someone who cares gives us the clear message that we are loved and valued.

Those messages can be anything from “I love you” to life-affirming words of encouragement and support. Even the so-called little things that people do for one another like take them coffee in the morning or pick them up from work are forms of love messages. So they are not only mourning the death and all the obvious losses that go with it, they are mourning these losses while at the same time they have an immediate deficit of affirmations of love, support and encouragement.

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