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The Surprising Lesson for All of Us from Martin Luther King

If you have seen the movie Selma about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the voting rights movement, then you have seen how the voting rights movement was a declaration

tug of war game between men

When you set a new boundary for yourself, you move the unequal boundary others have enjoyed.

of a new boundary. The people said No. No longer. No more. The people said Yes. Yes better. Yes more. Continue reading

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Why Can’t You Say Nigger if You’re White?

How have you gotten to the point of putting a single word on a pedestal as so offensive that you refuse to say it, even when you’re trying to talk about why it is offensive?

word the N word in white on black with red circle and hash line across the words, lapel button

Promoting separate and unequal rules about words and their usage serve to maintain barriers between you rather than to unite you with others.

It’s all right to say nigger if you’re a black person. It’s cause for the charge of committing a hate crime if you speak it while being white.

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The Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. Lives On in All of Us

Today we honor and remember Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who above all else, was governed by personal boundaries and values.

The Dream of Martin Luther King, Lincoln Memorial, Brad W. Smith photographer

Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

While Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed when I was too young to comprehend his significance, my parents taught me those same values.

I spent some time recently reading his famous quotes and was struck by how my own principles parallel his. I have codified my values in my own eight Life Amendments. I use this code of conduct to go forward in life assured I am adhering to my precious values.

If we are to go forward, we must go back

and rediscover those precious values – that

all reality hinges on moral foundations 

and that all reality has spiritual control.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I look at my Life Amendments, I see Martin Luther King, Jr’s influence on my life and see how his dream lives on.  His dream lives on in all of us through our actions and words.
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