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Why I Need Me Time and You Do Too

Most of us struggle with finding the right balance in our lives between the demands of our work, the needs of our families, and our own needs.

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When we feed our own souls by caring for ourselves, we’re in better shape to care for others and feed their souls.

If we’re not careful, we find ourselves giving to others to the point we have nothing left for ourselves.

Caring for others feeds their souls much the same way food nourishes the body. Just as cooking for others does not put food in our own bellies, we do not nourish ourselves simply by taking care of everyone else.

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I Just Don’t Have Time!

 A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Have Time  about keeping the commitments we make, being accountable to others, and about being good time managers able to prioritize the demands on our time.

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If there’s never enough time to do what you need to do, then there must be too many things that you think you want to do.

 Today I want to talk about time commitment, or more correctly, time over-commitment.

Sometimes we really don’t have time because we’re over-scheduled, over-committed, over-taxed, and generally, overwhelmed. We make too many commitments, we fail to plan, and we overestimate our abilities and underestimate the requirements of the projects we take on. The result is that we run from one thing that demands our attention to the next. Continue reading

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Make Up Your Mind

We can live life by choice, or by chance.

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We know when we’ve collected enough information and must make a decision, even though each choice has an element of risk and uncertainty.


When we live life by choice, we keep an open mind to new ideas and information. We do our research, seek the opinions of others, and consider many options. At some point, however, we quit gathering information. We make a decision, knowing that we have done the best we can with the information we have in the time we have.

When we live life by chance, we fall into the trap of believing there’s no such thing as too much information. We tell ourselves we need to know more. We suffer analysis paralysis. The reality is, we’re afraid we won’t make the right decision. Continue reading

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