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Have Fun! Experience the Pleasure of Being Alive

How often do you have fun? If you’re like most adults, it’s probably been a while since you took a step back from the busyness and responsibility of your life and

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This is me, sitting on the deck of the Victory Chimes, with my head buried in my laptop. I was writing, instead of enjoying the fun of sailing.

did something just for the pleasure of it. Maybe you shy away from fun because you think you’re too busy. Maybe your reluctance to have fun stems from the false belief that fun is something that is reserved for children.

Perhaps its time you were reminded that when you have fun, you experience the pleasure of being alive.

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Why Being Vulnerable is the Secret to Richer Relationships

If you’re looking for something more in your relationships with those who are most important to you, perhaps the missing ingredient is unconditional

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Rich relationships cannot be observed, they can only be experienced. Take the plunge in to vulnerability and allow yourself to be immersed in unconditional love and deeply satisfying relationships.


love. To find this missing ingredient, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable. When you can be vulnerable, you can receive unconditional love.

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When All You Can See is the Tree, Know There is a Forest

When you’re going through a rough patch – divorce, illness, unemployment, loss – the present problem can be

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A single event, when viewed up close and in isolation, can look insurmountably imposing, a barrier to a happy life.

so all-consuming that is impossible to see your current circumstances as part of a larger picture for yourself.

There is always a larger picture. Every chapter in your life, no matter how long, or how short, has its purpose and Continue reading

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