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Fall in Love with Yourself

Ever have a time in your life when you really haven’t liked yourself? If you don’t like yourself, it’s hard to love yourself. If you have fallen out of love with

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You may not be all that you have imagined you could be, or all that you might have been. You are, however, enough, just as you are. Love yourself, just as you are.

yourself, let yourself fall in love again.

Maybe you’re not making as much money as you think you should. Or, you’re out of shape and overweight, your career has stalled, your looks have faded. The dreams that were still in front of you are now, irrevocably, behind you, never to be realized.

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Why You Should Always be Your Priority

We all talk about priorities as though we can have many things that are most important. There’s only one thing

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When you make yourself your priority, you put more time and effort into taking care of your needs than the needs of your employer or even your family.

that can be first in your life. You might fool yourself into thinking that you can put both your job and your family first, but it’s impossible. Priority means, ‘the one thing that is most important.’ It’s both mathematically impossible and grammatically incorrect to claim to have more than one priority.

So, given that you can have only one priority, I suggest that neither your job nor your family should be first. You should be first. You should always be your priority. Continue reading


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What Does it Mean to Be Honest?

What does it mean to be honest? It means more than you think, and it’s harder than you might imagine. But the rewards are worth it.

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It’s not always easy to be honest, not with others or with yourself. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable by admitting your mistakes and talking about your feelings, your reward is tighter relationships.

A few months ago I wrote a post asking the question, How Do You Live HOT? In it I talked about using the three ideas of being Honest, Open and True as guiding principles to loving yourself. Continue reading


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