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Can We Talk?

The question, ‘can we talk?’ can strike fear or dread in us because we anticipate that the person asking the question is about to bring up a subject we find difficult to

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The most rewarding conversations are those that break silence into small pieces with speech.

discuss. Or, that the person is going to launch in to a sermon, or worse, a diatribe, about our latest short-coming. Sometimes I like to answer that question with one of my own: ‘can we listen?’

Conversation is not one person talking. It is a collaborative effort to exchange information in a cooperative manner. It is a group effort where each person contributes by chiming in and also by listening and comprehending what is being said. Conversation is silence broken into small pieces by speech.

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

You might not think that moving requires a lot of listening, but it does. To start with, there’s the listening to lawyers and bankers, inspectors and appraisers, real estate

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Perhaps the Chinese understand the importance of listening more readily than those of other cultures.

agents, and finally, the buyer. That’s just to facilitate the property transfer. Then there’s moving agents and workmen to get everything packed and loaded, and then stored.

Listening is exhausting and at times overwhelming.

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Coping with Holidays After a Loved One has been Killed

This week we will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the murder of 27 innocent people and the suicide of one mentally ill young adult in Newtown, CT. Since the

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Nothing will bring back a loved one. We entertain grief as one of our guests for the holiday.

tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December 14, another 15,000 people have been murdered in the US. Every one of those deaths – including Adam Lanza’s – represents a family that is now facing the holiday season with a heart burdened by the senseless absence of a loved one. They bear a particular sorrow of knowing the death was as the result of a criminal and violent act.

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