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Filtering the White Noise

Have you ever spent time at the shore watching the tide push in and pull back again?

rocks form small inlet; water swirls

Frequent conversations on the same topics with the same people can become ‘white noise’ in your relationships that keep you from listening.

It’s a passive activity that lulls you into a near-hypnotic state of relaxation. After a while, the overpowering sound from the relentless ebb and flow of water becomes mere white noise. Constant, without discernible distinct sounds, you become unaware of it. 

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Hear the Attitude in Your Words

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.

~ John C. Maxwell

Do you know that language spoken with the ears helps you strengthen your relationships with others?

If you want to take advantage of this, then before you speak, take time to think about how your words will be heard. Think about how your words will make others feel.

black script except echo is very large print blue

Do you hear your words the way others hear them?

When you think of your part of a conversation in those terms, your words become softer, sweeter, most positive. You remember that your point of view is just that, your opinion.  You understand the messages that will be heard in addition to the facts you convey.

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How do I Get to Know You?

What can I do to get to know other people?

I’m so glad you asked me.

seated at table, l-r, balding man with glasses next to gray-haired woman with glasses; they are across from gray-haired woman, back to camera

The conversational habit of asking questions will not only tell you a lot about others, it will tell them a lot about you.

Listening to what others say is of course paramount.

Listening to what is meant by what they say is even more effective.

Of course, in order for you to listen, the other person needs to talk. My favorite way to get to know others is to simply ask them questions and then listen!

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