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Speak-us Interrupt-us

Ever try to talk to someone who wants to finish your sentences for you? I’m not talking about someone who knows you so well that the two of you quickly get on the same thought-path.

Woman holding up hand to indicate stop.

Speaking over another says we believe we are more important than the person who was already speaking. We can hold on to our ideas until it is our turn to talk.

I’m talking about the person who constantly interrupts and won’t let you finish a sentence. We all deserve more respect.

When someone repeatedly interrupts you, you have several options. Hopefully, you want to do more than just finish your sentence. You also want to establish a relationship built on mutual respect. If you settle for regaining control of the conversation, you will forever be fighting the battle of finishing your sentences. If you take approach that others must respect you, you may lose out on a few conversations in the short-term, but ultimately, you will get your real message across.  Continue reading

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Listening is the Secret to Your Success

We all are taught to read and write, but how many of us were ever taught to listen with more intention than simply being quiet, biding our time until it was our turn to talk?

black man casually dressed, head tilted close to bass neck, plucking near end of fingerboard

By listening intently and encouraging gently, we hear what is being said and establish a rewarding connection.

Listening can be especially hard when we feel we already know the answer, or have other demands pressing down upon us, or just are not interested in the information the other person is intent on sharing.

What if I told you that that listening is the secret to your success? And that you can learn everything you need to know about listening if you only follow three simple rules? Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

The most beautiful thing in the world is the relationships we have with our spouses or partners, our family and our friends. Relationships are built on the things we do for one another and the things we say to one another.

a round table with formal place settings for 4, in the woods, next to a blue lake

Our relationships are built on the things we do for one another and the things we say to one another.

Each conversation solidifies our relationship and makes it more meaningful. Each time we’re able to do for each other what is needed, our relationship is made more secure because of the commitment we expressed and the unconditional love we’ve shown.  Continue reading

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