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Be Careful With Those Words

Our words reflect our own attitudes and shape how others see themselves. When we understand the power of our words, we are careful to choose those words that bring

verdigris copper Asian bell hanging from wood stanchion on a flagstone plaza

Our words are like a bell that has been rung. Once the words are spoken, they cannot be unspoken. Once the bell has rung, the ringing resonates in our soul long after the bell is again still.

light and life to others. We remember to speak with compassion so that our words do not crush the spirit. We choose words to build people up instead of tearing them down. We use our words to strengthen our relationships with one another.

I received a powerful reminder that we must be careful with our words a few years ago when I witnessed a dad and son together on a perfect summer morning. What I saw has stayed with me because of the careless words the dad said to his son.

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Five Minute Friday: Story

“Read me a story.”

More than anything, my life has been marked by stories, either reading them or writing them.

Middle-aged blonde woman reading a book while sitting on top of a picnic table in summer

We all have a story to tell about who we are, where we came from and the people who have shaped us.

Some of my earliest memories with my dad are of listening to him read the Sunday comics to me after church. I would sit on his lap and he’d let me pick the comics for him to read while Mom finished preparing our dinner. I remember Mom snuggled next to me, reading a book to me before nap time. When I was older, I’d lay on the living room sofa with my nose in a biography for hours on hot summer days or long winter Friday nights. I was as much fascinated by the person’s story as by how the writer told it. Continue reading

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I don’t know.

One thing I’ve noticed in working with people is that some always have an answer, even when it is clear they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’ve never become comfortable with saying, “I don’t know.”  

blue field, white words which, who, when, where, why, help, how, Q&A, FAQ

We love to give answers. Sometimes we better serve others and ourselves when we are willing to say, “I don’t know.”

We all want answers because we hate ambiguity. We all want answers because answers give us a sense of control. When they are incomplete, or rooted in beliefs, not facts, answers can turn a good situation bad,  and make a bad situation worse.

We do ourselves and those around us a tremendous favor when we become willing to say, “I don’t know,” instead of jumping to conclusions or insisting that we have an answer when at best we have only some of the facts or even, only our firmly held beliefs. Continue reading

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