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How to Live a Good Life

Depending on the decade when you graduated from high school or college, you may remember the spoken word poem Desiderata (Latin for “desired things”) that was written in 1927 but did not gain widespread popularity until the early 1970s.

orange sun just above the water's edge

To live a good life, all we really need to do is show up and be ourselves. Every. Day.

Or the college graduation speech improbably delivered by a number of people ranging from Kurt Vonnegut to Darth Vader but I believe (and let me know if you have better information) was actually written by Mary Schmich in an article called “Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young,” for the Chicago Tribune. You might know it as “Wear Sunscreen.” Both are intended as advice to help us live a good life. The self-help section of the book store overflows with advice on how to live a good life.

And yet, here you are, hoping I have some nuggets, a silver bullet, the secret solution for all of life’s problems.

In short, you want, The Answer. Because, when we know The Answer, everything in our lives will be good. Continue reading

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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Being authentic extends beyond what we say. It includes what we do, not only in specific instances but in the broad expanse of our lives. We have two choices in life. 

girl in small sail boat on the ocean

Reaching for a dream means having the courage to set out alone, prepared and eager to discover the adventure that lies ahead

We can be our authentic selves or conform to others’ expectations. Others’ expectations for us are frequently far less than our capabilities, and rarely take into account our dreams, even if we’ve shared them.

When we live our dream life, whether or not that brings with it the level of success we envision, then we’re being authentic. It doesn’t matter if the dream is large or small, ordinary or exceptional. What counts is whether we’re doing what matters most to us.

Our dreams are not meant to torment us but to propel us to live to our full capability.

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So, What are You Doing for Valentine’s?

We’ve been talking at work this week about our plans for Valentine’s Day.

heart drawn in the sand near ocean waves

Whether you’re a hopeful, or hopeless, romantic, trust in your heart and hold what is dear to you safely within it.

I love the variety of answers, from a decades-long tradition of a dinner this night at the same restaurant that includes the children – ‘they are my Valentines too!’ – to an even longer tradition of always some new way to celebrate, to attending a sporting event together, to romantic celebrations that continue into the weekend, to ‘we just hope to get all the kids to bed at a decent hour.’

 Whether like my work mates you are in a perfect-enough relationship, or exploring a new one, nursing wounds from one recently ended, grieving the loss of the love of your life, working through the pain of a divorce, juggling an undisclosed threesome, or frustrated by your singleness, today, make time for the one most important thing. Continue reading

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