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Resolve to Be Your Own Friend

The kind of person I want to be is a person who is my own best friend. The person who respects my thoughts and soothes my fears.

wide path bound by closely spaced young trees

We are meant to only see so far ahead. We are not meant to see all the way to the end.


The person who says to me, sit down, put your feet up, you’ve done enough for right now, take time to recharge your batteries. The person who forgives me my errors and recognizes my humanness. You made a mistake? It’s okay.

Rather than making resolutions to be better for others, we should resolve only to be better for ourselves. Continue reading


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The One Resolution You Must Keep

Chances are good you made at least one resolution for 2013. Last year, I made 12 of them. A year later, I can confidently say that I have kept three and a half of them

One resolution you must keep, Lifeishotblog, commitment

I promise to take a good look at myself from time to time.

and have adopted them as part of my life. (I give myself partial credit for one that I’ve kept some of the time.) Honestly, I made no effort on the other eight.

Whether you kept your resolutions last year or not does not matter. The year is over. It is done. What matters is whether you are where you want to be in your life.

This year I’ve only made one resolution and it’s a resolution that each of us would do well to keep. Continue reading

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How to Get Unstuck From Your Past

Jon Mertz, writer of the blog, Thin Difference, has an interesting perspective on my recent post, “Uncouple and Stop Fighting with Your Past”  In that post I shared my 

How to get Unstuck from Your Past Brad W. Smith photographer, LifeIsHOTBlog

To get unstuck, unfurl your sails and focus on the horizon.

view that we need to uncouple from our past so that we can move forward to discover the promise of the life ahead.

Instead, we stay stuck in the hurt of a terrible past, we need to get unstuck from that past and make the commitment to ourselves to live in the present. Continue reading

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