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When Words Hurt More than Broken Bones

Whenever two people are engaged in a relationship where they care about each other or care about the same thing, it is inevitable that sooner or later, cross words will erupt.

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From the book, Coping With Bullying in Schools, by Brendan Byrne (1994)

From there, it’s a skip to harsh words and a jump to hurtful words, and before you know it, words have been said that aren’t really meant and can never be unsaid.

Horrible, hateful, mean words fueled not by the moment or the failings of the other person, but by our own past, reignited by the present. Words that lash the soul and break the heart.

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Demotion Emotion

Whether it’s called a “reorganization,” a “reclassification” or even a “reassignment,” if it results in a loss of responsibility or a downgrade in title, or someone with a more prestigious title is placed over you, then you know that they really mean is that you’ve been demoted.

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A career doesn’t always follow the direction we picture it will. We stay true to ourselves when we take set-backs in stride and continue working toward our goal.

Being demoted hits the ego harder than almost anything else that can happen in our professional lives. It’s the combo burrito of a bad performance review and a pay cut, with a side order of spotlight because everyone knows about it, and for dessert, you get to keep showing up at the office, possibly working for the person who has replaced you.

When an unwelcome job change happens to you, you have three options. Continue reading

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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Being authentic extends beyond what we say. It includes what we do, not only in specific instances but in the broad expanse of our lives. We have two choices in life. 

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Reaching for a dream means having the courage to set out alone, prepared and eager to discover the adventure that lies ahead

We can be our authentic selves or conform to others’ expectations. Others’ expectations for us are frequently far less than our capabilities, and rarely take into account our dreams, even if we’ve shared them.

When we live our dream life, whether or not that brings with it the level of success we envision, then we’re being authentic. It doesn’t matter if the dream is large or small, ordinary or exceptional. What counts is whether we’re doing what matters most to us.

Our dreams are not meant to torment us but to propel us to live to our full capability.

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