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5 Ways to be the Perfect Thanksgiving Host in Difficult Circumstances

This is a busy and important week for most American families as we prepare for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

a hug of support between men, Brad W. Smith photographer Alt: White man, black man, in a hug of friendship in a private home.

We come together to celebrate our relationships with each other, to rejoice in our blessings and support each other in our sorrows.

There’s a lot to be done, especially if you’re the host or hostess. You want everything to be perfect, including the conversation.

With the unemployment rate nationally still at more than 7%, chances are pretty good that one or more of your guests will be unemployed or significantly underemployed. Continue reading

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Labor Day Celebrates our Commitment to Others

The work we do deserves far more recognition than the pay we receive and so today, Labor Day, we recognize and celebrate the commitment of workers to their families and their communities.

White man building a wood framework for sandbox with playhouse over the top. Utility truck in background. Backyard grass and trees.

Payments come in many forms, not just cash. We labor for our family and friends as part of our commitment to them.

When we look at work as a form of commitment, it is easy to see how commitment comes in many forms not signified by a paycheck. Consider all the work that is only legally recognized as labor if money changes hands: housework, child care, car repair, lawn care, home maintenance, volunteer services of all sorts. Continue reading

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Handling Labor Day When You are Unemployed

We’re coming up on Labor Day, a holiday to celebrate our workforce. It can be a bittersweet weekend for someone who is between jobs because as a society, we are consumed with professional success and failure.

spider in the center of a large web, in the dark night. Background is out of focus.

Building a web around us provides emotional support, fellowship, and helpful ideas on new strategies as part of our job-search network.

The truth is, what makes us valuable contributors to our community is not what we do to earn a living but how we choose to be who we are.

You can trust yourself to handle any awkward situation and avoid uncomfortable moments at the Labor Day barbeque if you’re prepared with a few easy conversational guidelines that allow you to strengthen your personal network, but without turning the neighborhood gathering into your very own job search forum.

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