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How to Get What You Want Every Time

Do you know the one sure-fire way to get what you want every time you’re faced with reaching consensus on an

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When it’s time to make a decision about something you feel strongly about, you can try to manipulate and force your decision on others, or you can invite them to understand your needs and opinions and concerns from your point of view.

important decision at work or at home? Through observation and trial and error, I’ve learned a five-step process that, when done well together, is guaranteed to get you what you want every time. I want to share the five steps with you. Continue reading


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The Real Reason Why You Must Apologize

Life involves a series of rules, according to the character Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the long-running TV show, NCIS. 

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It’s harder to admit a mistake than to deny you made it. So why would anyone say that making an apology is a sign of weakness?

One of those rules is Rule #6, “Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.”

Gibbs got it wrong.

It’s harder to admit a mistake than to deny you made it. So which action is the sign of weakness?

It’s not a sign of weakness to apologize. It’s a sign of strength. But that’s not the real reason why you must apologize.

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7 Ways to Know if Your Life is Aligned – #5 Is the Hardest

A few weeks ago I wrote about how we allow others to change us over time. We make small changes in our own words and actions in response to their expectations or demands.

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From time to time we need to open the book of our life and examine it closely to discover the details a casual observer will never see.

We begin to accept as normal certain words or actions from them or ways that they treat us that previously we would have judged unacceptable. Over time, those incremental changes can end up taking us far away from our true selves. Continue reading

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