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The Importance of Praise in Your Relationships

Relationships die from neglect of the little things, the things that could have been prevented with a little care. Honest praise is one of those things.

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Appreciation is a fundamental human need, and none of us gets enough praise. It’s crazy to overlook praising those who are closest to us.  Continue reading

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Micromanaging Doesn’t Work at Home Either

You probably know about the pitfalls of micromanaging others at work. Do you know that micromanaging your relationships at home doesn’t

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How do you interact with those you’re closest to? Do you watch what they do or do you attempt to manage every second of their lives for them? Toss the watch and experience the freedom of living without needless constraints.

work either? No relationship is strong when you’re always working to micromanage others’ time or how they complete tasks, or checking up on their activities.

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Just Say It

Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks.

~ Davy Crockett

It can be hard to say what you really mean in a conversation. Sometimes it’s hard because you struggle to find the right words.

Sometimes it’s hard because something within you holds you back from simply saying what you really mean. Continue reading


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