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Show Gratitude, it’s the Secret to Better Relationships

Have you ever noticed how much of your day is spent tending to problems and fixing what’s broken?

muddy water, several hundred young fish swarming

Sometimes our problems encircle us and keep us from seeing any of the good in our lives. That’s when we have to look for it, and show gratitude when you find it.

Everything from car repairs to sick children to work issues surround you, thrashing for attention.

With so much competition from the problems and the broken things, the things that are going right scarcely have a chance to be noticed. That triage approach of dealing with the problems first works for most parts of your life, except for one: your relationships.

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13 Reasons I Give Thanks Today

Somewhere today between stuffing the turkey before dawn and eating a second piece of pie before bed, across America people will pause and give thanks for family,

13 Reasons I Give Thanks Today, LifeIsHOTBlog, Brad and D'Anne hugging

One more reason to be grateful: Brad gives me great hugs. Photo credit: John Sullivan

friends, food, and chances are, a pretty long list of other things. It’s like we save up our thankfulness for this one day of the year and then hope to acknowledge all of it at once, like checking items off a giant list.

Health, check.

Home, check.

Job, check.

We go wide, but not deep, when we express our thankfulness this way. It’s like taking a little bit of everything from the buffet table. We don’t want to over-commit, to get too involved in stating our thankfulness because, well, things aren’t just the way we’d like them, but gosh, we know we’re supposed to be grateful. It is Thanksgiving, after all. Continue reading

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That’s Bloomin’ Gratitude for You

We have a lovely garden at our home. It is my refuge year around, the place where I go for peace and restoration. I am grateful for my garden because it draws me outside

Bloomin' Gratitude, Brad W. Smith photographer, LifeIsHOTBlog, Yellow and black butterfuly sucking necter from a purple butterfly bush.

When you stop to smell the flowers, you may also nurture your soul.

and away from my work for a brief time each day. From March through November, it’s pleasant to walk among the plants and admire the blooms while soaking up the heat of summer or feeling the invigorating chill of spring or autumn.

But of course the garden requires care. Continue reading

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