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A Random Act of Kindness

I have been blessed by a random act of kindness many times in my life. The one that wowed me most happened a number of years ago when I was in the process of moving and two friends showed me compassion.

Random Act of Kindness, Brad W. Smith photographer, two men pull ropes on the deck, sunny day, blue ocean, coastline visible

Whether best mates or strangers, we can lend a hand when the need arises simply because at that moment, we can fulfill someone’s need.

The new place was not yet ready for me, so I stored several boxes in a friend’s basement.

Granted, this is not a big deal. It’s something we can easily see ourselves doing. But then, while I was away at a conference, I received a pre-dawn call from her. Rain, and an accidentally unplugged sump pump, meant there were a few inches of water in her basement.

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The Bridges of Friendship

I think of friendship as the bridge that connects me to other people. Like you, my friendships are as varied as the real bridges we cross – some are expansion bridges that span

White duck, small child shaped duck with bill, seal pup, white bear, black Scottish terrier.  bottle-nose dolphin

Friends come in all shapes and sizes and together they form a family around us. We stay connected to them through the bridge of friendship.

long distances and expand and contract in degrees of contact over time.

Others are capable of withstanding very heavy loads. Still others are drawbridges that get pulled up, breaking the connection, sometimes for a short period of time while some obstacle to the friendship passes, and sometimes, the drawbridge is never lowered again and the friendship ends.

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Give a Cheer for Independence!

No day is happier for Americans than today, July 4,  the day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence.

Spider and palm fireworks against a black sky

We celebrate the unlimited possibilities of what can be accomplished when we set out to build a brighter future

The principles upon which our country was founded, as embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, are freedoms we struggle with every day as a democratic nation.    Continue reading

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