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Yes, Do Forgive and Forget

On Monday I wrote that you should not forgive and forget when others habitually disregard your needs and disrespect your boundaries. I said you should remember

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When you forgive and forget your past, let go of control and grab hold of your power, you will be lifted to new heights and go where you never dreamed possible.

their actions and their false promises and ask for the changes you need.

It’s important to set the limits you need and own your power to take care of yourself. Continue reading

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No, Don’t Forgive and Forget

Forgiveness is a great principle. Relationships can’t survive without forgiveness. But there’s a time and a place

Wrought iron fence in a small triangle, English Ivy and other ground cover. Nothing inside the fence.

Your boundaries don’t have to be tall, or solid, they just need to be expressed in ways others can recognize, and strong enough to withstand intrusion.

for everything and forgiving and forgetting have their places. It’s not where you think they may belong.

Have you heard the same promises over and over again and yet nothing changes? Do you feel like you’re repeatedly forgiving for the same transgressions? Continue reading

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No One Deserves a Second Chance

Have you ever known someone who treats someone, or everyone, as though no one ever gets a second chance?

green door padlocked, red brick wall

Do you close the relationship and lock out a person who has disappointed you or do you grant a second chance when it has been earned? Kevin May, photographer

They simply slam the door on anyone who has fallen from grace by admitting to infidelity in a relationship, lawbreaking, an addiction to an unhealthy lifestyle, or even holding a contrary point of view. Continue reading

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