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Five Minute Friday: Imagine

I imagine a world where people do not shy away from ugly truths. They do not wallow in pity over life’s tragedies, but they do not paper over them and leave them to fester in their hearts.

two seagulls soaring high against a blue sky

We imagine that our celebrations should be shared and proclaimed, but our failures should be hidden and silent. We do not soar alone, neither should we suffer alone.

They acknowledge life’s heartaches and set-backs with the same openness and acceptance as they celebrate joyous moments and achievements. In this parallel universe, people recognize life’s successes are necessarily balanced by life’s setbacks.

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Five Minute Friday: View

I’ve gotten up early to have some quiet time free from radio or TV or music streaming live from the Internet. Fog obscures the tops of buildings and limits my ability to see beyond a couple of blocks of houses to the fields and trees that surround our neighborhood.

two rows of grape vines growing, one on either side, with fog obscuring the rest of the vineyard and the surrounding countryside.

When denial obscures our thinking, it is easy to believe that we’re seeing all that there is to see and nothing is hidden from our view.

If I did not know better, I would think that everything I cannot see looks just like what I can see. In a few hours, the sun will shine so brightly that I will need sunglasses.

Misinformation is the fog that hides the truths we need. The truths that we need to make the right choices for ourselves, the choices that we would make if only we could see the truth. Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: Comfort

Comfort comes in many shapes and sizes, colors and dispositions, interests and abilities.

pink, yellow and green cut flowers

Happy Mother’s Day.

Comfort means Mama.

Comfort helps us master life at every stage, from potty-training and tying shoelaces, to making friends and doing homework, through awkward growth spurts and leaving home.  She can whip up a meal in a hurry, even if it’s take-out, and she doesn’t mind setting an extra place at the table for a friend. She knows just by looking at us when we’ve had a bad day or we’re coming down with a cold. Continue reading

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