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Five Minute Friday: Present

This week we gave a wonderful present to our little ones. It is a custom-made sandbox with fort, tire swing, two ropes for climbing and a climbing wall. Brad and a friend started on it Monday morning. After we all watched the delivery truck unload the materials, I gave the kids a book, “Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site,” that I had wrapped in gift paper decorated with construction equipment. Before lunch I’d read the book to them, twice.

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Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

The most beautiful thing in the world is the relationships we have with our spouses or partners, our family and our friends. Relationships are built on the things we do for one another and the things we say to one another.

a round table with formal place settings for 4, in the woods, next to a blue lake

Our relationships are built on the things we do for one another and the things we say to one another.

Each conversation solidifies our relationship and makes it more meaningful. Each time we’re able to do for each other what is needed, our relationship is made more secure because of the commitment we expressed and the unconditional love we’ve shown.  Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: In-Between

We begin our lives in birth. We end our lives in death. In between, we live a life that is not always what we think we want, but often gives us more than we ever could believe we could have. 

an elderly man in wheel chair in a nursing home, holding a sleeping newborn

A bittersweet celebration of the circle of life, the time in between the start of one new life, and of another one about to end.

When Dad had a spinal stroke in 2007, we knew that the long-term prognosis was there was no long term. It was fall, not quite two months after he had learned he was going to be a first-time great-grandfather. The day it happened, he had driven five hours to a board meeting, and then, instead of staying for the evening events, he drove five hours home again. He knew something wasn’t right. But he went down to the basement to ride his exercise bike, like he did every night. Mom found him on the floor, the bike on top of him, a short time later. 

 In a few seconds, Dad’s life changed from being involved in a half-dozen major projects that kept him out of the house eight-and-a-half days a week, as Mom called it, to being bed-ridden. Continue reading

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