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Give a Cheer for Independence!

No day is happier for Americans than today, July 4,  the day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence.

Spider and palm fireworks against a black sky

We celebrate the unlimited possibilities of what can be accomplished when we set out to build a brighter future

The principles upon which our country was founded, as embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, are freedoms we struggle with every day as a democratic nation.    Continue reading

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In Memorial, In Reconciliation

I heard someone the other day chide that, in case we forgot, this day is Memorial Day, it is not National Barbeque Day.

American flag, cenotaph marker, white picket fence, backlit by sun

We give thanks today for those who have served our country in the cause of freedom.

That’s true in the same way that Christmas is not Santa Claus Day and Easter is not about a bunny, Thanksgiving is not about Football, Independence Day is not about fireworks and Labor Day is not about marking the end of summer. Continue reading

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I Can Hear You: Loud But Not So Clear

Saturday night we had a marvelous time taking part in a lively discussion in a friend’s living room with a half-dozen of his friends.

many fireworks exploding at the same time against a black sky

Everyone speaking all at once can be like watching fireworks – there are so many outbursts vying for your attention, you can’t savor a moment, and the noise is deafening.

By the end of the night, they were our new friends, people whose insights and points of view we value. We look forward to getting to know them better.

Discussion is far too mild a word for the evening’s exchange. It was nothing short of  conversational cacophony. A full-on orchestra of voices. Fortissimo. Vivace. Most of the time no fewer than four or five people were talking, sometimes all nine of us were eagerly sharing our own point of view. In their passion to reinforce their point, some people would stand, even jump up and down and wave their arms. Continue reading

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