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Do You Dwell on It or Do You Move On?

When a mistake happens at work or at home, do you dwell on it, or do you experience it, let go of it and move forward from it?

When we let something wash over us, we experience it and are changed by it, but we do not stay immersed in it.

It’s not always easy to let go of a bad experience, but we always have the freedom to choose whether we dwell on it, or move on from it.

A bad experience gives us the chance to learn from our own mistakes and the mistakes of others. It gives us reason to listen carefully in conversation about what went wrong and to listen carefully in conversation about how to handle similar situations differently in the future. Continue reading


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Our Pressing Engagement

This last Sunday we had a pressing engagement – with a vat of Zinfandel grapes we had crushed more than a week before. Crushing the grapes is the first step in 

Our Pressing Engagement, commitment, Brad W. Smith photographer

Sweet grapes on their way to the destemmer.

transforming grapes into wine. Pressing is the second step. Wine-making is something Brad and I have done as a hobby for several years now. In that time, I’ve learned that it takes a lot of time to make wine well, and it takes commitment to the process. I’ve learned that carelessness and impatience will ruin the wine and lay waste to all the work that has gone before. Continue reading

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It’s Time for a Real Get-Away

Have you ever longed for a real get-away, by yourself, for a few days or even weeks? Of course you have. There’s that siren call of chucking every obligation in our hectic lives, just

Respite on Hell’s Half Acre, off the coast of Maine

walking away from every loathsome chore. We deserve a little freedom from the burdens of life. We fantasize that if we do, we’ll be rewarded with peace and restoration. We seek sufficient sleep.

But when people give in to this call, what do they do next? They get out the credit card and book themselves into a holiday they can barely afford, and pack it full of ‘experiences.’ They call it a ‘get-away’ and yet, they don’t get away from much of anything, and when they come home, they’re exhausted and feel further behind. Continue reading

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