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To Be, or Not To Be, Yourself

Do you find it easy to be yourself? Halloween is this week and I suspect you may be facing your own Shakespearean dilemma.

To Be Yourself, Brad W. Smith photographer, LifeIsHOTBlog, Man in butler costume and Halloween make-up

The butler did it. He thrilled the kids with candy and with his creepy laugh.

Whether you should be spooky or silly, hero or bum, store-bought glitzy or home-made clever? The one thing you don’t want to do is to be yourself.

This year an estimated 41 million people will trick-or-treat, and spend $2.5 billion on costumes for adults, children and pets. (Yes, pets.) Each trickster or treater will haul home more than a pound of candy. Continue reading

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Can I Hear You?

I’ve had to do a lot of listening in the past month, and it hasn’t always been easy. In this case, I use the word listening to mean those situations where the other person is engaged in a long monologue, and I’m the lone listener.

small Joshua tree in the desert against a crisp blue sky

A resolute Joshua Tree perseveres in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park

Sometimes, it’s not a conversation because the person is retelling something from the past. Or sharing something from the present that is painful. Or simply talking out of a desire to connect with another, with me. Continue reading

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Three on My Bucket List – Up, Up and Away!

Do you have a bucket list? Today I cross three of them off my list. It is fitting that my first blog post should be about another new experience. As a belated birthday present to myself, later today I will take my first hot

Up, Up and Away LifeisHOTBlog, 3 hot air balloons aloftair balloon ride. We’re leaving from a central New Jersey location about an hour from my home. We’ll go where the wind takes us.  I hope we soar high and sail over interesting terrain. I hope I  remember to take a few photos. Continue reading

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