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When Your Relationship is Out of Balance, Do This

We have a tradition in our family: when it’s your birthday, you get to be the center of attention for the whole day. You get to make the important decisions

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It’s great to let someone be the center of attention some of the time, but remember to keep a balance in your relationships by grabbing some spotlight for yourself too.

by yourself, like what you want to eat, how you spend the day, and when you will open your presents. Rules get bent in your favor. You don’t have to share with anyone. You always get to go first. You are the center of attention and everyone wants you to be happy. For that one day, you sit at the top of your world.

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16 Reasons to be Open-Minded

A few weeks ago for the first time in my life I ate steamed artichoke leaves. To me, the idea of putting thistle leaves in my mouth

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When you keep your mind open to recognizing opportunities, the world opens up many new possibilities for you.

sounded awful and I had always managed to successfully avoid the experience. But since I was an overnight guest in the seaside home of friends, I gamely gave it a try.

What a pleasant surprise. I am totally hooked and look forward to having them again. Yes, Dr. Seuss wrote about a similar food experience in his book Green Eggs and Ham.  Yes, to borrow a phrase, “Thank you. Thank you, Sam-I-am.” Continue reading

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