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Hear with an Open Heart

We all need heartfelt conversations. Sometimes you need a heartfelt expression of your innermost feelings, and other times, to hear what others want to tell you about their

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When words you’d rather not hear rain down around you, use your ability to be open-minded as a shield to protect you and yet still hear them fully.

observations about some part of your life – whether that observation is good, bad, or even downright ugly. Continue reading

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Your Spouse is Cheating, Now What?

What do you do when you discover your spouse is cheating?  Would you believe that not everyone immediately confronts the lying SOB and calls a lawyer

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When life crashes over you and puts you in a hard place, you can choose to fight for yourself, or give in. Either way is a struggle.

or a counselor? In fact, some spouses hide from the truth. They pretend to not know what they know. They think life can go on just as they thought it was. They are wrong.

In math equations, the expression on one side must always equal, or have the same value, as the expression on the other. There is a corollary in life: When you discover something, you are changed by it in a way that is equal to its significance.

I call this the Discovery and Change equation. Continue reading


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Has Anyone Seen My Toothbrush?

Apart from the birth of a child, I can think of no voluntary action more disruptive than moving. Nothing throws you out of your routine faster than having to search for every

When our expectations are disrupted, our way of seeing things can change.

When our expectations are disrupted, our way of seeing things can change.

single item you want, or having to remember in what cupboard, drawer or closet you have put it.

You know exactly what it is like.

Have you ever thought about how moving represents a total break in your routine, and as such, it is more than disruptive, it is also  invigorating? Continue reading

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