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Why You Don’t Have to Leave Your Spouse (Even if You Think You Should)

A few marriages are made in heaven and live there for years without interruption. Most marriages vacillate between beautiful high vistas and smelly dank sewers.

Lighted Door, flanked by shuttered windows on balcony.

If you’re caught in a bad relationship but don’t want to leave and don’t want to divorce, there is a third option. That option is to change the relationship. Use the courage you have to stay to fuel the steps you need to take to change the relationship.

And then there are the marriages are that have become a living hell for one spouse, and any children.

I’m talking about a marriage where one spouse is engaged in destructive, addictive, behavior.

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When All You Can See is the Tree, Know There is a Forest

When you’re going through a rough patch – divorce, illness, unemployment, loss – the present problem can be

purple blue mussel shell, mottled gray

A single event, when viewed up close and in isolation, can look insurmountably imposing, a barrier to a happy life.

so all-consuming that is impossible to see your current circumstances as part of a larger picture for yourself.

There is always a larger picture. Every chapter in your life, no matter how long, or how short, has its purpose and Continue reading

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You Are Not the Show Star

Recently I have written about letting people go from your life because they are not able to give you what you need.

Darius Rucker, Hootie and the Blowfish. on stage

Ever feel like a song, or a story, or a situation, is really all about you? Even when you know that’s impossible, it still resonates with you. Make sure you are the hero, and not the villain, in the stories you tell yourself.

One of my readers contacted me after the first post, absolutely certain that I was talking about him. He was incensed that I would put his personal life on public display.

Have you ever known people who automatically, reflexively, assume that any negative event, conversation or statement is about them? Continue reading

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