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What Happens When You Speak of Grief?

Brad attended a funeral for an old friend of his in Iowa a few weeks ago. The gentleman who died did not hold a prestigious job.

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By openly speaking about your loss and your feelings, you minister to others and give them the opportunity to minister to you.

He wasn’t fabulously wealthy. He was simply one of those exceptional people who touch so many lives that his memorial was held in a large public venue to accommodate the community of mourners. People came from all points to pay their respects. To grieve. To comfort. And, to be comforted.

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Death vs. Divorce – Correction or Compassion?

Carole Brody Fleet wrote in an article,  “The Epic Struggle: Death vs. Divorce,” in the Huffington Post, how those who have recently been divorced mistakenly believe their experience enables them to relate to those who have recently been widowed.

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It does not matter that the cause of your pain traveled a different path to reach you, your loss is painful to you and you deserve to receive compassion and to give it in return.

She advised that it is up to you, the widowed, to correct the point of view of she, the divorced, chiefly on the grounds that despite all the outward similarities – financial uncertainty, emotional upheaval, single-parenting, aloneness, loss – divorce is a choice. Her advice is wrong. Continue reading

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Coping with Holidays After a Loved One has been Killed

This week we will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the murder of 27 innocent people and the suicide of one mentally ill young adult in Newtown, CT. Since the

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Nothing will bring back a loved one. We entertain grief as one of our guests for the holiday.

tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December 14, another 15,000 people have been murdered in the US. Every one of those deaths – including Adam Lanza’s – represents a family that is now facing the holiday season with a heart burdened by the senseless absence of a loved one. They bear a particular sorrow of knowing the death was as the result of a criminal and violent act.

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