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Objects In Our Path are Smaller Than They First Appear

Chances are better than average that at some point in your life you’ve had to deal with a true crisis outside of death of a loved one or divorce. It might be a health issue, a financial issue, a house fire, a broken engagement. Whatever it might have been, it was unexpected, the situation was out of your control, and it left you mired in uncertainty for a period of time.

large rocks at the edge of the ocean first appear to block a path to the water.

By changing our perspective, we can see that obstacles don’t have to be barriers to a good life.

Fortunately, that kind of situation does not occur often in our lives, but when it does, we’re surprisingly well-equipped to deal with it.

Why then do we sometimes find it so much harder to deal with life’s minor irritations? I’m talking about events that certainly can’t be called a crisis, and yet cause us to feel anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness or other emotions that are out of proportion to the event. Continue reading


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I Can Hear You: Loud But Not So Clear

Saturday night we had a marvelous time taking part in a lively discussion in a friend’s living room with a half-dozen of his friends.

many fireworks exploding at the same time against a black sky

Everyone speaking all at once can be like watching fireworks – there are so many outbursts vying for your attention, you can’t savor a moment, and the noise is deafening.

By the end of the night, they were our new friends, people whose insights and points of view we value. We look forward to getting to know them better.

Discussion is far too mild a word for the evening’s exchange. It was nothing short of  conversational cacophony. A full-on orchestra of voices. Fortissimo. Vivace. Most of the time no fewer than four or five people were talking, sometimes all nine of us were eagerly sharing our own point of view. In their passion to reinforce their point, some people would stand, even jump up and down and wave their arms. Continue reading

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Spring Always Follows Winter

The cherry blossom festival in Washington DC is in full swing. Having suffered the cold of winter, the trees began to bud in early March and with some warmer weather, the famed cherry trees will be in glorious bloom for the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade on April 13.

cherry tree in blossom at the tidal basin, Washington DC

When we can empathize or sympathize with others in their winter times, we nurture them so that they may eventually enjoy a glorious spring.


Long before Mother’s Day, the trees will lose their blossoms to make way for the fresh green leaves that will feed the tree through summer and prepare it to survive the next winter.

We all experience seasons in our lives. Our lives suddenly turn cold with grief or hardship, or gradually chill over time under a sustained assault of addiction or neglect for ourselves.   Continue reading

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