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Hear the Attitude in Your Words

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.

~ John C. Maxwell

Do you know that language spoken with the ears helps you strengthen your relationships with others?

If you want to take advantage of this, then before you speak, take time to think about how your words will be heard. Think about how your words will make others feel.

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Do you hear your words the way others hear them?

When you think of your part of a conversation in those terms, your words become softer, sweeter, most positive. You remember that your point of view is just that, your opinion.  You understand the messages that will be heard in addition to the facts you convey.

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Win the Gold in Conversation

The XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 are beginning in Sochi. Most of us are not the exceptional athletes in the sports featured

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Going for the gold in conversation means achieving stronger relationships

at the Olympics. We are, or can be, exceptional in our own daily events.

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Win, Lose or Collaborate?


We’re surrounded by it every waking moment. Football, golf, basketball and hockey are in season, and the Winter Olympics are just around the corner.

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Working together we accomplish far more than we ever can working in isolation or against all others.

We have no shortage of sports competitions to watch. The calendar is just weeks away from flipping over to 2014, and that means many companies are ending their fiscal years. We have no shortage of competition to reach year-end goals and quotas. Retailers are competing for our holiday shopping dollars. We have no shortage of options of where to spend our money.

In the right context, such as when it is between teams or organizations that desire opposite and mutually exclusive outcomes, competition is good. In the wrong context, such as when all participants should be reaching for the same goals, like within a work group or company, within a family, or between two people in a relationship, competition will prevent them from achieving as much as they can when they cooperate and collaborate.

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