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Handling Labor Day When You are Unemployed

We’re coming up on Labor Day, a holiday to celebrate our workforce. It can be a bittersweet weekend for someone who is between jobs because as a society, we are consumed with professional success and failure.

spider in the center of a large web, in the dark night. Background is out of focus.

Building a web around us provides emotional support, fellowship, and helpful ideas on new strategies as part of our job-search network.

The truth is, what makes us valuable contributors to our community is not what we do to earn a living but how we choose to be who we are.

You can trust yourself to handle any awkward situation and avoid uncomfortable moments at the Labor Day barbeque if you’re prepared with a few easy conversational guidelines that allow you to strengthen your personal network, but without turning the neighborhood gathering into your very own job search forum.

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Be Careful With Those Words

Our words reflect our own attitudes and shape how others see themselves. When we understand the power of our words, we are careful to choose those words that bring

verdigris copper Asian bell hanging from wood stanchion on a flagstone plaza

Our words are like a bell that has been rung. Once the words are spoken, they cannot be unspoken. Once the bell has rung, the ringing resonates in our soul long after the bell is again still.

light and life to others. We remember to speak with compassion so that our words do not crush the spirit. We choose words to build people up instead of tearing them down. We use our words to strengthen our relationships with one another.

I received a powerful reminder that we must be careful with our words a few years ago when I witnessed a dad and son together on a perfect summer morning. What I saw has stayed with me because of the careless words the dad said to his son.

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Assumption: The Root of All Miscommunications

Miscommunication happens when we fail to accurately convey what we mean by what we have said. It can happen when we make a statement and those around us immediately make assumptions about what we meant or why we said it.

Sunrise partially blocked by clouds and relected in the tops of waves and the wet sand on the shore

The sun is ignorant of the clouds that obscure its light and of the fact that we then partly remain in the shadows of darkness.

I don’t have any studies to back me up, but based on my own observations, I’m willing to say it happens to each of us at least twice a day. Once, when someone else makes an incorrect assumption about something we have said, and again when we make an incorrect assumption about what someone else has said. That’s a lot of miscommunication. If we routinely made two wrong turns while driving in an area we know, we’d be alarmed for the condition of our minds.

The difference between having a conversation and driving is that when we drive, we know the exact location of our destination and we get plenty of feedback in the form of familiar landmarks to tell us how to get there. We can confirm we have arrived at our intended destination by reading posted signs. We only get that kind of feedback and confirmation in our conversations if we ask for it.

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