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How to Connect with Others Through Good Conversations

What is it that makes some of the Super Bowl commercials so engaging? I have a theory and even if I’m wrong, there’s a lesson for anyone who wants to connect with others through good conversations.

Connect with Others Through Good Conversation, Brad W. Smith, photographer, Commitment

A good conversation can connect two people through words the way holding hands can connect through touch.

This year about a third of the commercials that aired during the Super Bowl stood out compared to the other commercials. It wasn’t budgets, star talent or exquisite settings that made those Super Bowl

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Listening as an Act of Love

Have you read the book, Listening Is an Act of Love? It’s a compilation of stories collected by StoryCorps founder

white background, black lettering, color photos of peopleDave Isay from the lives of regular folks like you and me. Isay understands everybody in this world has a story to tell, they just need someone who is important to them who will listen. We celebrate life when we stop and listen to how it looks through another’s eyes. Continue reading


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Will You Choose Quality or Quantity at the End of Your Life?

It’s been 56 months since I placed an agonizing call to Iowa Hospice about my dad.

4 dice, 6, 3, 5, 5, brown cup on side, brown and black granite countertop

For most of us, how our life ends is just a roll of the dice. A lucky few can intentionally choose quality or quantity for the number of our days.


With that call, he, and all of us, his family, entered the last leg of a journey whose outcome had been set two years earlier.

In the time since a spinal stroke, Dad had become a great-grandfather, had seen Mom sell the house they had lived in for 42 years, had given his most prized possessions – his HAM radio gear – to his only grandson-in-law, and had spent roughly 20,000 hours in a hospital bed or wheel chair. Continue reading

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