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12 Tips to Stop Stupid Arguments

Nobody likes a stupid argument. A stupid argument, in case you’re wondering, is one where neither of you keep to the topic that you both need or want to

12 Tips to Stop Stupid Arguments Brad W. Smith photographer, LifeIsHOTBlog

Time-outs aren’t just for the kids. Give yourself a break when a conversation starts to turn toxic.

discuss and instead rush headlong into the land of name-calling, shouting, talking over each other and other things that prevent what could be a useful conversation that gives you each what you need and makes your relationship stronger.

If you’ve been reading some of my recent posts on Verbal Graffiti, you know that I’ve been talking about the various ways we prevent direct and useful conversation. Today’s post is about how to handle Verbal Graffiti so that it doesn’t cover up the conversation you really mean to have
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It’s Hard to Find the Common Ground When It’s Littered with Graffiti

The hardest conversations we ever have are those where there’s little common ground. It’s hard to find the common ground when it’s littered with graffiti, It’s Hard to Find the Common Ground When It’s Littered with Graffiti Brad W. Smith


whether that graffiti is physical or verbal. When you can find common ground, you can move from being on opposite sides of an issue to sitting side by side working towards resolution.

One of those conversations with little common ground is the issue of Confederate monuments on public display.

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I Missed an Opportunity to Make a Friend

I hoped to have an interesting conversation a few weeks ago with a person I did not know well. She made a claim that caught my attention because it challenged what I know. My thought was, aha, this is an opportunity to get to know her better. This is an opportunity to gain a new friend.

two white women, one older, one younger, on a red sofa, artwork on the wall behind them.

Through conversation, we gain new relationships by exploring new ideas and discovering how they complement, expand, or even change, our beliefs.

We all love to talk. Conversation – the mutual interchange of ideas – is one of the most pleasant experiences we have. Conversation binds us together in new relationships and keeps our existing relationships strong. We confirm we belong when we find common ground and we stretch ourselves when we are open to hearing contrary ideas.

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