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When Was the Last Time You Goofed Off?

When was the last time you goofed off and did absolutely nothing except watch the world go by? For hours. Or spent the afternoon drowning worms? Or

When Was the Last Time You Goofed Off? Fishing Brad W. Smith photographer, commitment, Be true to you.


even just read a book for the pure joy of getting lost in a story? If you’re like most adult Americans, the answer is

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Fall in Love with Yourself

Ever have a time in your life when you really haven’t liked yourself? If you don’t like yourself, it’s hard to love yourself. If you have fallen out of love with

Fall in love with yourself top-down look at a crowded bouquet of faded roses

You may not be all that you have imagined you could be, or all that you might have been. You are, however, enough, just as you are. Love yourself, just as you are.

yourself, let yourself fall in love again.

Maybe you’re not making as much money as you think you should. Or, you’re out of shape and overweight, your career has stalled, your looks have faded. The dreams that were still in front of you are now, irrevocably, behind you, never to be realized.

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Here’s What I’m Thinking

“Here’s what I’m thinking,” is a phrase I use often in conversations at home, with friends, and at work. I’ve found that it opens the door to a discussion –

Here's What I'm Thinking Brad W. Smith, LifeisHOTBlog two young men, one white, one black, in discussion

When you take the time to engage others in conversation about your decisions, and share with them your rationale, you’re far more likely to gain acceptance, agreement and commitment.

especially when others seem to be reluctant to share an opinion, or to engage in the conversation, or they are not receptive to whatever action I just suggested.

It’s an effective technique at work, and you may already use it there.

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