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Love Means Saying You’re Sorry

When Love Story by American writer Erich Segal appeared as a book and then a movie in 1970, it was hailed as a romantic story of a young couple and her tragic death.

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Whatever the degree of love we share, when we damage a relationship, we need to own our actions and find the courage to say, “I’m sorry.”

A line from the story was quite popular for a period of time: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

If you ask me, it’s a ridiculous idea that two people who love each other are somehow immune from ever needing to apologize. Quite the opposite is true. It is precisely because we love the other person that we should want to say we are sorry.

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The Bridges of Friendship

I think of friendship as the bridge that connects me to other people. Like you, my friendships are as varied as the real bridges we cross – some are expansion bridges that span

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Friends come in all shapes and sizes and together they form a family around us. We stay connected to them through the bridge of friendship.

long distances and expand and contract in degrees of contact over time.

Others are capable of withstanding very heavy loads. Still others are drawbridges that get pulled up, breaking the connection, sometimes for a short period of time while some obstacle to the friendship passes, and sometimes, the drawbridge is never lowered again and the friendship ends.

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Labor Day Celebrates our Commitment to Others

The work we do deserves far more recognition than the pay we receive and so today, Labor Day, we recognize and celebrate the commitment of workers to their families and their communities.

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Payments come in many forms, not just cash. We labor for our family and friends as part of our commitment to them.

When we look at work as a form of commitment, it is easy to see how commitment comes in many forms not signified by a paycheck. Consider all the work that is only legally recognized as labor if money changes hands: housework, child care, car repair, lawn care, home maintenance, volunteer services of all sorts. Continue reading

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