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What Not To Wear

While it’s true that ‘clothes don’t make the man,’ clothes do make the man’s, or woman’s, first impression. We all know what we should wear, and what not to wear, when we want to make a good impression.

woman, 2 men, all white, in trendy black garb, with small black dog on NY sidewalk

Our picture communicates who and what we are long before we utter a thousand words.

But how often do we think about it?

Whether we like it or think it is phony, our physical appearance is a form of communication. A trim and fit body says, “I take care of myself.” A well-dressed one says, “I care about my appearance.” People who want to fit in choose conventional, traditional clothing while those who want to show their creativity choose trendy clothing. Those who want to show their independence or unconventionality may embrace fads, or even engage in costume dressing.

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