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Make a Commitment to be Your Better Self

My dad traveled often for work and for the various professional and service organizations in which he was involved. When he retired, he used his extra time to become involved in more organizations.

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Winners know what is in their control and what is not, and they do not look at the past because it is not within their control. They look at the present and make a decision about what they control – their attitude and their actions.

In his later years he visited China, and he and Mom went to Australia and to several European countries. One October day he left the house early, drove five hours to a board meeting at a private university, and drove home again. He was in the basement riding his exercise bike when a stroke changed his life.

When he had recovered enough, he was told what had happened. Then he was told he was paralyzed from the bottom of his rib cage on down.

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Doin’ It Hard, or Doin’ It Easy

Years ago I worked with a man whose company was undergoing significant change after it had been sold to new owners. He recognized that while the old ways of doing things were valid and good, they were not sacrosanct. He was open to new ways of managing the business.

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Exercising the mind to be open to doing new things or doing things differently is like exercising the body for physical fitness. It only works with effort and consistency, and we realize progress only over time.

His philosophy regarding these changes was that he could fight them, or he could be open to them, the choice was his. He knew that either way, he was going to have to adapt to the new requirements. He would periodically remind his staff of this by saying, “We can do hard time, or we can do easy time.” He had a firm habit of being open-minded. Continue reading

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Make Up Your Mind

We can live life by choice, or by chance.

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We know when we’ve collected enough information and must make a decision, even though each choice has an element of risk and uncertainty.


When we live life by choice, we keep an open mind to new ideas and information. We do our research, seek the opinions of others, and consider many options. At some point, however, we quit gathering information. We make a decision, knowing that we have done the best we can with the information we have in the time we have.

When we live life by chance, we fall into the trap of believing there’s no such thing as too much information. We tell ourselves we need to know more. We suffer analysis paralysis. The reality is, we’re afraid we won’t make the right decision. Continue reading

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