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What I Learned Living in New Jersey

When I was in high school in Iowa I worked a number of part-time jobs, mostly in retail. Back then, I figured the primary benefit of those jobs was not the paycheck.

the words love yourself written in sand on the New Jersey Shore little waves rolling in

Experience every bit of life and let it continually reshape you.

The primary benefit was that I would learn something – about life, about other people, about myself. I figured as long as I kept my mind open to learning a lesson larger than the tasks required for the job, then I was meeting my goal.

When I moved to New Jersey 13 years ago, I took that same perspective: Stay open to what life’s experiences have to teach you. I thought I’d share 13 things I have learned while living here. Continue reading

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The Choices We Make

Nearly 10 years ago, on May 17, 2004, Bill Cosby gave a speech that stirred up a lot of controversy about how Black people, particularly those in the lower economic community, need to take responsibility for themselves. You can read the speech, and additional commentary, here.

black and white photo, single man in wet suit, shoreline and hillside town in distance

We choose how we navigate through life, catching fair winds and keeping our balance when the going gets rough.

He called people out for their behavior and their choices by saying, if they didn’t apply themselves in school, or dropped out, they can’t blame others because they’re working a minimum wage job. While he was speaking to one portion of the Black community, his words ought to resonate with all of us.

Each of us is personally and unilaterally responsible for every choice we make.

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Are Your Kids Smart Enough?

A school teacher recently lamented to me the use of cell phones, iPads and other electronic gadgets by her students in class, despite the fact these are not permitted. She’s

from inside the car, view of state trooper’s car behind, on interstate shoulder

We trust that we will accept and handle the consequences of our decisions, and we can teach our children to do the same.

tired of being the classroom cop. She’s also tired of trying to teach children who are sleep-deprived in part because of the time they spend with their electronic gadgets.

I suggested to her that she stop playing that role and instead take time to talk with her students about responsibility and show them that she trusts them to make the right choices for themselves.

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