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The Value of Claiming What’s Yours

This is a sad tale that I hope to redeem by turning into an object lesson for me and, perhaps for you as well. I went to a Trenton Thunder baseball game this past

Trenton Thunder game ticket

Saturday evening, in Trenton. You can see my purchased seat, Section 111, Row J, Seat 4. Practically exactly behind home plate. This is important, although it sure didn’t seem to be the Most Important Thing  when I arrived.

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Putting Conditions on Unconditional Love

To decide to love someone unconditionally can be an easy choice to make, and it can be an impossibly hard commitment to keep. It’s easy when the other person

Putting Conditions on Unconditional Love, clown fish, blue sea anemone, Life is HOT blog, Brad W. Smith, photographer

No matter how much you love someone, no matter how closely you identify with that person, sometimes you must choose to maintain your boundaries and keep your distance.

is your sweet young child, or your cuddly pet. It’s hard when you cannot agree with many of the things the other person says or does. This is particularly true when the other person repeatedly violates your personal boundaries.

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Love Is an Action Not a Feeling

Love has been called the most powerful emotion. But real love isn’t a feeling at all. Love is an action, and because we choose our actions, giving our love to

Love is an Action not a Feeling, woman laughing as she is licked enthusiastically by large black dog, a mix of black lab and beagle.

Love is felt and expressed through a series of actions that we choose to make.

others is a series of choices that we make. There are many different kinds of love, and the most enduring one is unconditional love, love that you give when you have made the decision to accept another person fully and totally. Continue reading


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