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Dealing with Change at Work

At one time or another we’ve all had to adjust to changes in our place of work.

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Life moves on. We can move on with it, or be left behind by it. The choice is ours.

Whether we own the business, work at the top of the pyramid or at the lowest level, all companies and the roles of employees within them must move and change over time.

Change does not have to be great or have tremendous impact on our daily lives to be unsettling. We all prefer to stay snuggly inside our comfort zone. A new boss, a new company policy, a new computer system, a new way of doing old things, a new location that changes our commute time and route.

Change is unsettling particularly when it is imposed upon us. We have no choice, no control, no say in the matter. In the midst of uncomfortable change, we do well to first remind ourselves: This too shall pass. Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: Brave

The bravest people I know are those who are willing to let go of control. When we seek to control everyone and everything around us, we’re acting from a place of fear and insecurity.

We have confused our boundaries – the choices we make about our own lives – with control — a need to make sure everyone else thinks and acts exactly like us. Continue reading

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